Weird Weights


On Halloween I volunteered my services to photograph a weight lifting competition at my home gym.  Little did I know how much I would like the images.

Valor Strength and Fitness put on a charity weight lifting competition to help get workout cloths for a local orphanage.  Anyone could enter, the only requirement was that you wear a costume while lifting.  The beautiful weirdness that ensued was striking.

KMR_8864web KMR_8894web KMR_8957web KMR_8971web KMR_8985web KMR_8997web KMR_9082web KMR_9218web KMR_9237web KMR_9331web KMR_9347web KMR_9367web KMR_9399web KMR_9438web KMR_9453web KMR_9462web KMR_9576web KMR_9607web KMR_9634web KMR_9652web KMR_9657web KMR_9689web

And if you didn’t like any of that, here is Wonder Women lifting.  If you don’t like this you’re a monster.

KMR_8814web KMR_8818web


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