Talk SEO to me.

I love keeping up with my SEO.

-No Photographer Ever

Like most photographer I have a “love/hate relationship” with my web presence.  This mostly comes from my lack of understanding of how any of it works.  True, I understand more now than I did years ago, it’s still a drop in the bucket.  Fortunately, my web guy (and friend) Mark DeMoss helps me to navigate the challenging waters.

Over the last year he’s helped me to hone my web presence in my market.  I choose to focus on my sports and fitness work.  We’ve researched keywords and made small adjustments periodically and I’ve kept my site updated with fresh content.  That’s all well and good but the real question is “did it work?”  While I had noticed an increase in traffic to my website related to my sports and fitness photography.  I didn’t really have anything specific to say “LOOK IT ALL FINALLY PAYED OFF!”  That was until I got an email from Marie.

Marie was looking for a fitness photographer and found me via a Google search.  A few emails back and forth and we worked out the details and were booked.  The shoot went great!  Marie came camera ready and had a very clear idea of what she was looking for.  We did a variety of outfits and setups inside the Triton Fighting Center.  Some of the most unique images came from the Aerial Silks. KMR_0042-1webKMR_0239web KMR_0258web KMR_0365-1webKMR_0160web KMR_0388web KMR_0566web KMR_0575-1web KMR_0710web KMR_0721webKMR_0803web KMR_0838web KMR_0875web


Here is the long and short of it for photographers.  SEO sucks but you have to do it.  My advice is find someone local to you that you can work with closely. This might mean that you have to shell out some money.  It might be money that you will never see again.  Consider it an investment in your career, and like any good investment you need to monitor it closely.  There isn’t one magic algorithm for being successful within search engines.  You will need to find what work for you and your market.  At this point I know that my SEO is headed in the right direction.

We also managed to shoot some video of our shoot with Marie.  I hope you have a couple minutes to check it out.