Kevin Durant for The Hollywood Reporter

  I got a neat gig a couple weeks ago to shoot Kevin Durant for The Hollywood Reporter. This was THR’s inaugural sports issue so they ran 4 covers, I was lucky enough to snag one of them. Below are a few of my favorites from the shoot. Yes, he is very tall but I think my beard was better.  

Walter Mitty Trailer

I saw this trailer yesterday and just can’t stop watching it. There is some powerful/famous still images featured in the trailer.  It seems Walter’s (Ben Stiller) day dreams are influenced by the images he sees on a daily basis being a Life Magazine photo manager.  My favorite moment from the trailer is when Walter is looking at a black and white print of a man (Sean Penn) and the man in the photo begins to beckon to Walter.  When I make an image I always try to leave room for the viewer to place themselves into the scene. Which is …

Photography or Sales?

Four years ago this fall I took my first trip to New York City to meet with editors and agencies to review my work. One question that I was asked several times was “how are you promoting yourself?” The only answer I had was “I’m not.”  I started asking them what the best way to promote my work was.  I got several different answers but the service I heard mentioned the most was AdBase. The first thing I did when I got home was sign up with AdBase. It is both fantastic and the bane of my existence. I hate …

On Assignment for Time

The tornado was still on the ground when my agency was calling to see how quickly I could make it down to Moore.  A couple hours later I captured this image of a little girl standing in front of what was left of her home.  She was visibly shaken, her mother told me she was in Tower Plaza Elementary. As the media attention fades these people in Moore and the communities like Shawnee that were hit the previous day will be rebuilding their lives for some time.    

And Now For Something Completely Different…Sorta.

A couple months ago my wife and I were about an hour and a half from walking out the door when I got an email form the Art Director at the OC Weekly with an assignment for that evening. Anyone that has ever done work for an alt-weekly knows sometimes you fly by the seat of your pants.  Assignments can come up super last minute and you have to fly.  Since we already had tickets for a movie I was leaning toward turning the assignment down but as I read the brief I knew that would be stupid. The assignment was to …