Goal setting & failing

Kenneth M. RuggianoIn the beginning of 2010 I sat down and wrote our my goals for that year.  And taped them to the wall next to my desk.  I didn’t look at them every day, but any time I wondered what was next I looked at the list of seven items.  I can honestly say that by the time the year was out I had only achieved two.  But the work I had done in 2010 led me to accomplish two of the biggest goals on that list by May of 2011.

Miles Hall, H&H gun range, Kenneth M. RuggianoOn stands now is the May issue of Inc. Magazine and inside it an image I created.  I was hired by Inc. through my agency Redux to photograph Miles Hall owner of H&H Gun Range.  I could not have asked for a better subject for my first shoot for a national publication.  I am extremely pleased that I was able to make this happen, even if it was in 2011 rather than 2010.  And with one shoot for Business Weekly already in the bag and one next week for Smart Money I know this isn’t just a fluke.

Second goal that was marked off the list in 2011 rather than 2010 was my personal project.  I spent five days with the Kelly Miller Circus documenting their day to day life.  Truly an incredible experience.  I am hesitant to go into much detail about my short time with them because I could go on forever.  I have put the work up on my editorial website and you can view it here Being Circus.  I will be having a show eventually and will keep everyone up to date on that.

There have been many opportunities for me to get off track.  Keeping goals has helped to make sure I stay on the path that I have chosen.  For me there have been many times that I have considered throwing in the towel and getting a regular 9-5.  It would be nice if I didn’t need to worry about where the next check is coming from.  Hard work, determination, talent and a wonderful wife have all helped me to get to where I am.  It hasn’t always been easy but it’s definitely been worth doing.

I love you Glynna.